First Draft

Winner_120_100_whiteCover-BRmMy first novel, Breathing Room, began as an exercise in undaunted determination and group madness: the annual November NaNoWriMo first draft marathon.

At one with thousands of people all over the world, I poured out 50,000 words of deathless prose in the thirty days November hath. Meeting the daily quota freed me from overthinking. It was the push I needed to get started.

Writing a book takes forever, unlike the NaNo first draft which has a beginning, and mercifully, an end. I labored over the bones of the book for most of the following year.

I was lucky to find a critique group. They kept me going as I tossed chunks of text into the trash can. I confess, I don’t throw the words away, I make a .txt file just in case I need it someday.

Breathing Room is set in Seattle and Baker [City] Oregon.